A complete guide to maintain sexual health as you advance in age


Sexual dysfunctions can kick in with age:

For most of humanity, sexual dysfunctions can aggravate with age especially when they are on the wrong side of fifties. Of course, this may not be applicable to exceptional cases. But remember again that we are talking about the majority of people.

Male sexuality:

In males, sexual dysfunctions can manifest in the form of erectile dysfunctions and other conditions including premature ejaculation. Not being able to firm up quickly or becoming flaccid sooner than expected can cause immense pressure on them as well as on the relationship.

Seeking professional help:

sexIt is recommended that people in their fifties must be realistic and do a general body check up every year and that must include as a rule sexual health as well. the doctor who attends to such patients must first of all determine if the condition that is bothering him is a condition per se because of any dysfunction or it is a fallout of any other co- disease or a side effect of any medication that he is on.

The approach must be right:

Even though the condition is present, the doctor must appreciate the fact that men in advanced stages are not very comfortable to discuss about their dysfunctional sex lives. The doctor must first try and understand what approach will the best one before he starts his diagnosis.

What are the common ailments that can be associated with sexual dysfunctions?

  1. Cardiovascular diseases
  2. Diabetes
  3. UTI or Urinary Tract Infection
  4. Onset of menopausal depression

Older men may need more time and sexual simulation:

csm_Wellnessurlaub-Pillerseetal-Kitzspitz_d0b68ae50a.adaptiveWhile men in the advanced age bracket also crave for sexual and physical intimacy, it is thwarted by other health complications and correlated lifestyle diseases that can stop them from enjoying their sex life t the fullest. Also, we must understand and be sympathetic that they may have experienced the death of their sex partner or wife and may be grieving the loss which may make it difficult for them to be aroused or have a healthy relationship with other women.

Also, the medications and surgeries if underwent can cause side effects or an aversion to sex or a dip in their libido or complete loss of libido itself.

Add to this fact that they need a lot of time and sexual simulation to become erect can cause so many problems that most of them can lose their interest in having sex completely.

Experimentation with pills:

A lot of men in their late fifties try to experiment with the sex enhancement pills. These pills can be prescriptive in nature like Viagra or they can be bought online from some internet store that is selling them covertly. However, these pills that promise them instant erection or prolonged erection and orgasmic experiences fail miserably due to certain factors that is related to age itself.

The internet is full of reviews and testimonials from such adults who experiment with these obscure sounding pills and were totally in for a shock at the devastating results that came out.

Pills can be a scam:

These adults can hop from one online store to another searching for a panacea for their erection problem and end up spending thousands of dollars on buying worthless pills touted as the blue pill, the yellow ones and the worst of all the all natural herbal concoctions.

Are penis pumps safe to use?

alupl-resized-1200x350A penis pump seems to be relatively a safe device to use for such adults who can maintain a safe erection. A penis pump is something that has a cylinder chamber where the penis is to be put. The cylindrical chamber has a constriction ring that needs to worn around the base of the penis. There is a pressure pump attached to the device. The person will need both his hands; one for holding his penis in the cylinder and another one that will pump.

Working of the penis pump:

When the person pumps, a vacuum is being created inside the cylindrical chamber and due to this vacuum the blood from the body will rush into his genitals. When this happens, obviously erection takes place because this is how an erection takes place. The ring at the base of the penis can be worn for a maximum of twenty to thirty minutes which can guarantee that the man can have a healthy dose of orgasmic sex within this period.

Electrical pumps:

As adults do not have the agility or the dexterity in their hands, they may also opt for an electrical penis pump which can be operated with A*4 batteries. There are also hydro penis pumps which allow the pump to be used in the shower as well.