Our team


We love to see them happy:

When we started out two decades ago, we had only one thing in mind. And that is how can we help the seniors in our society live a wholesome life and that includes being able to let them enjoy a wholesome sex life.

We understand very well that as adults only their age has advanced. They may have a dipping libido and may have no energy to have full blown sexual intercourse, yet some sort of physical intimacy with their partners is extremely essential for them to be not at the brink and to continue living life the way they used to.

We started with this idea in mind.

Two decades and odd years later, we have accomplished many feats, a lot of smiling seniors who vouch for the fact that age is just a number. Sexual encounters can make them feel recuperated and also allow them to cope with their physical disabilities.

Our core team consists of the following people:

  1. We have urologists as our core members who give us expert opinion on the way the seniors should satisfy their sexual urges or even keep themselves active inspite of ripening age.
  2. We have psychologists who can help with counseling and probing into the mindset of the members to be able to help them open up about their needs and requirement. Also, counseling sessions help the members understand themselves extremely well and be able to not get overwhelmed by physical pains which are almost a given with the advancing age.
  3. Volunteers who due honorary work with our centers, these are the grass root workers who help the members understand the many techniques and ways to express themselves. Couples are given counseling so that they can enjoy a wholesome life in the sunset years and singles are also allowed to be hooked up with like-minded people to be able to lead a healthy life.